Reviews/Also by Joe Harrington


“‘Not I!’: Strategies of Post-Millenial Confessionalistic Poetry,” by Charlotte Pence, a review essay relating Joseph Harrington, Natasha Trethewey, and Anne Carson, from¬†Asheville Poetry Review.¬†

“An abecedarian,” by Matt Reeck, from Jacket2

“Why I Chose Things Come On,” by Camille Dungy, from The Rumpus

from “Twenty Poets Recommend New & Recent Titles,” by Aaron Belz (near the bottom of the page), from On the Seawall

“Writing In and With the Pen: Kansas Poetry (a very partial account),” by Susan Schultz, from Tinfish Editor’s Blog

“BOOK REVIEW: Things Come On,” by Martin Rubin, from the Washington Times


Also by Joe Harrington:

“Docupoetry and archive desire,” from Jacket2

Poetry and the Public: The Social Form of Modern U.S. Poetics, from the Wesleyan University Press (worldcat | buy)